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Our Business and Services

Vinco is licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (SFC) to carry out regulated activities in type 1 - Dealing in securities and type 6 - Advising on corporate finance.

Vinco provides diversified financial services to our clients, which includes (i) corporate finance advisory related services such as financial adviser, independent financial adviser, compliance adviser and initial public offering (“IPO”) sponsorship; and (ii) dealing in securities related to corporate finance such as placing and underwriting services in Hong Kong.

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IPO on the Main Board or GEM


Underwriting and distribution of IPOs


Financial advisory on Takeovers Codes, connected transactions and notifiable transactions


Financial advisory on pre-IPO reorganisation, proposed IPOs and independent financial adviser


Mergers & Acquisitions


Corporate restructuring


Loan syndication


Convertible bonds issuance

Vinco facilitates corporate fundraising in both equity capital and debt markets and provides professional advice on the terms and structure of the fundraising. Vinco structures tailor-made financial services for clients throughout Asian-Pacific, including China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Vinco also assists private companies in pre-IPO private placements to:

  •  institutional investors;

  •  strategic investors; and 

  •  venture capital.

The private placements can be in the form of direct equity investment or convertible bonds issuance, etc.

Fundraising Horizons


Post-IPO Fundraising and Transactions

Subsequent to IPO listings, Vinco also advises clients on the following transactions:

  • Fundraising activities of Share Placements, Rights Issues and Warrants Issuance;

  • Share Split / Consolidation, Privatisation and Scheme of Arrangement;

  • Capital Restructuring;

  • Convertible Bonds Issuance; and

  • Formation of Strategic Partnerships.

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